As Industrial Psychologists we work within the legal arena, offering comprehensive Medico-Legal / Psycho-Legal expertise with regards to Loss of Earnings, caused amongst other things by road accidents, medical negligence and workplace injuries.

Our Medico Legal / Psycho-Legal Process works to establish and express an opinion to the instructing attorneys for presentation in court, if necessary, on past and future loss of income by determining the employability of an individual, their limitations, career prospects, career plateau and earning potential, following an accident, injury at work or incident of medical negligence by assessing the consequences of the personal injury.

Our assessments take cognisance of:

  • The claimant’s socioeconomic status;
  • Family and educational background;
  • Employment history;
  • Psychometric test results (where applicable);
  • Obtained collateral information and references to other expert opinions;
  • Research of the conditions in the open labour market.

Clients are interviewed and assessed at our office in Moreleta Park, Pretoria. The assessment includes an interview guided by a self-developed, semi-structured questionnaire designed to collect specific biographical information whilst allowing flexibility for open-ended questions and the exploration of other relevant topics which arise and appear to be pertinent to the matter.

When applicable, psychometric evaluation is also conducted. Our methods and process ensure a comprehensive Medico-Legal / Psycho-Legal Report.

Through our understanding of the business environment and Human Resource best practice, we offer expertise in determining:

  • Pre-morbid vs. post morbid career paths;
  • Pre-morbid vs. post morbid income, increases and promotions;
  • Future employability;
  • Loss of income scenarios.

Our process

  1. Our office is contacted for an appointment via email on
  2. Our fees and payment terms are available on request.
  3. Once the appointment date and time has been confirmed, we will email the referring attorney a “meeting request” so that the appointment can be diarised.
  4. A letter of instruction (LOI) is received from the referring attorney. The LOI should contain the purpose of the medico-legal assessment, relevant reference numbers, as well as all relevant dates (i.e. assessment date, report delivery date, trial date).
  5. A list of required documentation will be sent to the referring attorney’s office.
  6. Once the claimant has been assessed, and all the necessary documentation and other expert reports have been received, the report writing and finalisation process can begin.
  7. We endeavour to submit our medico-legal reports within 7 working days (Monday to Friday) of receipt of ALL the necessary documentation and other expert reports

How to make an appoinment

E-mail us with your requirements so that we can make an appointment for you. When we confirm the appointment date and time, we will send you a list of required information and documentation that the claimant should bring along on the day of assessment.

Please get in touch with us for our pricing schedule.


All our assessments take place at our office in Moreleta Park, Pretoria. As a general rule, we require approximately 2 hours for each assessment.

The assessment will include an interview and, where applicable, psychometric evaluation. The interview is guided by a self-developed, semi structured questionnaire, designed to collect specific biographical information. Open-ended questions allow for flexibility enabling the assessing IP to explore other topics that might arise and which appear relevant to the matter. Psychometric evaluation will be done, should the assessing IP deem it necessary, and depending on the nature of injuries sustained by the claimant.

All the above ensures a comprehensive industrial psycho-legal report.

After the assessment

Once the assessment has been concluded, we will gather collateral information, and conduct research into matters as necessitated by each specific case.

On receipt of expert reports from other medical / healthcare experts to be considered and incorporated into our report, and any other relevant documentation as requested; we will compile and finalise our industrial psycho-legal report.

Report delivery

We endeavour to submit our medico-legal reports within 7 working days (Monday to Friday) of receipt of all the necessary documentation, information and other expert reports. We will confirm receipt of all the relevant documentation, information and other expert reports and will supply you with an expected submission date as soon as we are able to.

All industrial psycho-legal reports are submitted, via email, directly to the referring attorney / their secretary as PDF documents. We will never submit an industrial psycho-legal report to a third party or directly to a claimant.

After report delivery

Should further information become available, and as required by the referring attorneys, we will attend to both addendum reports and joint minutes with opposing experts. Please allow 7 working days for completion and submission of addendum reports.

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