We provide specialist advice and services to assist organisations in optimising the efficiency of their human capital operations; as a solid human capital value chain enables the management team to make informed decisions about talent management, organisational change initiatives, learning and development interventions, as well as the human capital strategy. This in turn supports the achievement of critical organisational goals and objectives.

Our Human Capital Consulting Services include:

Organisational Development & Change Management

Organisational Climate Studies / Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Understand how employees perceive the organisation along different dimensions. This is essential to facilitate development and organisational change in order for the organisation to focus on workforce needs and leverage its strengths.

Career Development & Succession Planning

Career Development & Succession Planning involves more than just a replacement planning process. Let NGIP support your organisation in identifying the current knowledge, abilities and skills of selected employees to perform certain functions; as well as developing a plan to prepare identified employees to potentially perform these functions in future.

Job Analysis / Job Profiling

Identify the job context, responsibilities / output, knowledge, skills, abilities and behavioural characteristics (i.e. competencies) necessary; as well as developing the Key Performance Indicators to measure successful performance per position.

Competency Framework Development

NGIP can assist your organisation in defining the knowledge, skills, and attributes (i.e. competencies) that people need to perform a job effectively. Such a framework ensures that staff, in general, have a common understanding of the organisation’s values and expected excellent performance behaviours; whilst also assisting managers in making informed decisions about talent recruitment, retention, and succession strategies.

Psychometric Assessments

Ascertain the skills, cognitive potential, behavioural and personality orientations against predetermined criteria. To find out more about our Psychometric Assessment Services, click here.

Recruitment & Selection

Large scale recruitment screening for graduate programmes, learnerships & apprenticeships

  • Review of curriculum vitae against predefined criteria;
  • Personality assessments, and / or integrity assessments, and / or ability assessments;
  • Shortlisting of candidates; and
  • Development of competency-based interview guides per position

Customer-Specific Projects

Looking for something else? Kindly contact us should you require a customised Human Capital solution for your organisation.

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